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  • Korea Tech is a leading technology company that supplies laboratory products and solutions to all petroleum & Petrochemicals laboratories ,agriculture & botany laboratories, food & feed laboratories , industrial laboratories , quality control and material analysis laboratories and etc.
  • Our branches in Korea, China, and partner in Hong kong serve our customers all over the world. Our major products include petroleum and petrochemical lab instrument, industrial laboratory equipment , food & feed laboratory instrument, agriculture and botany laboratory equipment and analytical instruments.
  • We strive to provide high quality products, superior technical support, knowledgeable customer service, as well as the efforts on R&D. We keep on innovative research and development for the most advanced products and for the biggest contribution to laboratory industry.
  • Our company has passed the certification. ISO9001 international quality system and all of our instrument has CE certificate and ASTM standard .

Petroleum Product Laboratory Equipment

Open Cup Flash Point Tester-Closed Cup Flash Point Tester-Tag Flash Point Tester-Kinematic Viscometer-Low Temperature Viscometer-XRF Sulfur Analyzer-Copper Strip Corrosion-Gum tester-Colorimeter-Density Meter-Distillation Tester-Vacuum Distillation-TBN(Total Base Number)-TAN(Total Acid Number)-Carl Fischer-Pour Point Tester-Solidifying Tester- Oxidation Stability Tester-Timken Tester-Fourball Tester-Water Content Tester-Foaming Tester-Freezing Point Tester-CCS Cold Crank Simulator-Noack Tester-Shear Stability Tester and …

Food Laboratory Equipment

Gluten Washer –  Gluten Index  –  Gluten Dryer –  Falling Number Tester –  Flour Moisture Meter – Grain Moisture Meter –  Seed Counter –  Sample Devider –  Automatic Distillation System (Kjeldahl) – Automatic Digestion System ( Kjeldahl) –  Automatic Fat Extraction System (Soxhelt) –  Semi Automatic Fat Extraction System –  Automatic Fiber analyzer –  Automatic Reractometer –  Semi Automatic Abbe Refractometer –  Automatic Polarimeter – Semi Automatic Polarimeter –  Rotational Viscometer – Automatic Bomb Calorimeter –  Heater Stirrer and …

Agriculture Laboratory Equipment

Chlorophyll Meter –  Photosynthesis Meter –  Portable Leaf Area Meter –  Bench Top Leaf Area Meter – Leaf Porometer –  Soil Moisture Meter –  Soil counductivity Meter –  Soil Salinity Meter –  Soil Multimeter –  Penetrmeter –  Double Ring Infiltrometer – Soil Penetrometer – Soil Sampler –  Auger Set – Tensiometer –  Soil Salinity Tester –  Grows Chamber –  Chlorophyll Meter –  Photosynthesis Meter –  Portable Leaf Area Meter –  Soil Nitrogen Meter –  Leaf Porometer –  Soil Moisture Meter –  Soil Sonductivity Meter –  Soil PH Meter –  Soil Multi Parameter…

Industrial Laboratory Equipment

Taber Tester – Bench Zenon Test Chamber –  Gloss Meter –  Ford Cups Viscometer –  Krebs Viscometer –  Rotational Viscometer –  four sided applicator –  Cupping Test –  Spectrophotometer –  Colorimeter –  Multifunction Abrasion Scrub –  Table Electronic Tensile –  Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester –  Impact Tester –  Solvent Rub Resistance Tester –  Paint Film Bend Tester –  Melting Point –  Cylindrical Mandrel Tester –  Conical Mandrel Bend Tester –  Cross Cutting Rule –  Pendulum Hardness Tester –  Fineness Gauges –  Rubber Rebound Tester –  Vertical flexible tester and ..


Korea Tech played a massive worldwide role in the Laboratory Instrument presence with the use of their Professional and accurate products. Your attention to detail and technical feedback will help us to improve our products quality.
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