Advanced Biological Microscope

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KoreaTech Advanced Biological Microscope  used in research in veterinary medicine, bacteriology, immunology, pharmacy and other scientific fields, in analytical laboratories.

Feature & Specification

KRF-600 Series Advanced Biological Microscope

Technical parameters in standard configuration:
– 10x / 22mm wide field glasses.
– Siedentop trinocular head, tilted 30owith tube regulation in the range of 47-78, mm, light division 50/50, rotatable 360o .
– Third optical path, with the possibility of adjusting the distance of the sensor from the plane of the preparation (magnification factor 0.5x).
– Infinity corrected lenses, 45 mm optical length, plan achromatic lenses: 4x NA 0.1, 10x NA 0.25, 40x NA 0.65 LWD 1.5 mm, (cushioned), 100x NA 1.25 (cushioned, oil).
– 5 cavity revolver bowl, facing to the rear.
– Mechanical stage, dimensions: 185 x 142 mm, with a range of motion of 78 x 54 mm, with a holder for two specimens.
– Abbe type NA 1.25 condenser with height adjustment, graduated, iris diaphragm aperture diaphragm, centering mechanism, filter slot (30 mm) and the possibility of attaching the clip for bright and dark field observation.
– Focusing system: coaxial macro and micro knobs. Coarse movement – 37.7 mm per revolution. Fine movement – 0.2 mm per revolution. Graduation division: 0.002 mm. Range of motion – 28mm.
– The mechanism of quick lock of the upper position of the table
(knob on the right micro focusing knob) and the mechanism
of setting the permanent lock using an Allen key.
– Bright 1W LED lighting with long service life.