Automatic Pour Point & Cloud Point Tester

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KoreaTech KRF-9725A is advanced Fully Automatic touch screen  pour point & cloud point has developed for classic determination of  (CP) and  (PP) of petroleum products according to ASTM D97, ASTM 2500

Feature & Specification

Pour Point & Cloud Point Tester

KoreaTech KRF-9725A is advanced Fully Automatic touch screen pour point & cloud point tester. Automatic Pour and Cloud Point Tester developed for classic determination of cloud point (CP) and pour point (PP) of petroleum products according to ASTM D97, ASTM 2500, EN 23015, ISO 3015, ISO 3016, IP 15,.  Its determines CP and PP in one test cycle with high precision in compare with manual methods. Unique integrated cooling system provides cooling of samples up to – 80°C in a short time without any external chiller.

1. Ergonomic and compact design for intuitive operation and high energy efficiency
2. Large touch screen LCD display simplicity ensures smooth operation.
3. Fully automatic control of the process by the intelligent processor.
4. Integrated cooling system for cooling bath up to – 80°C
5. High precision of results with 0.1°C resolution
6. Smart optical measuring system
7. Automatic diagnostic system
8. Pt-100 temperature probe – Ss316
9. Built-in heater for the quick bath heating
10. USB-port for external storage device or printer
11. Connection to network printer
12. Internal memory to store more than 1000 tests results . Data can be exported to LIMS or optional printer via Ethernet
13. Automatic determination of CP&PP in one test cycle . Set sample cup, input expected points and then press start. Pre-heat
and cooling sequence is run automatically and both pour and cloud point results can be obtained in a single run.
14. Automatic lifting and rotating of the test tube . The device is equipped with an automatic arm, the user does not need to
remove the sample and turn it. the whole process will be done automatically.


1. Measuring Parameters : PP ( Pour Point ) , CP ( Cloud Point)
2. Cooling Temperature range: up to – 80°C
3. Heating Temperature range : Up to +51°C
4. Sample volume: 45ml
5. Cooling mode: Integrated cooling system
6. Calibration Method : Reference Liquid
7. Temperature Sensor : Pt100 ( Stainless Steel )
5. Data Storage : Internal Memory for 1000 test Result
4. Interface: USB, LAN
5. Power consumption: 500W
6. Rated voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz