HTHS-High Temp & Shear Viscometer

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Viscosity Tester (HTHS) covers the laboratory determination of high-temperature high-shear (HTHS) viscosity of engine oil at a temperature of 150°C using a multi cell capillary viscometer.

Feature & Specification

HTHS -High Temperature & High Shear Viscometer

The shear rate for this test method corresponds to an apparent shear rate at the wall of 1.4 million reciprocal seconds (1.4 3 106s-1).This shear rate has been found to decrease the discrepancy between this test method and other high temperature high-shear test methods used for engine oil specifications. Viscosities are determined directly from calibrations that have been established with Newtonian oils with viscosities from 2 to 5 mPa-s at 150°C.

1. Touch screen LCD.
2. built-in computer calculation software analyzes data and displays results.
3. Easy to use and simple, one-button operation.
4. Special needle valve, full time safe pressure detecting system.
5. One button to start the test, easy and convenient to operate.
6. Internal printer can print the results.
7. Instrument digitally displays flow time, temperature and pressure
8. No rotating parts, and it features low failure rate & maintenance cost.
9. Dedicated software for measuring the results automatically.
10. Glass capillary meets the standard requirements.
11. Different shear rates and test temperatures for different purpose.
12. Temperature control mode: Aluminum bath for keeping constant temperature.


1. Applicable standard: ASTM D5481
2. Temperature Control Method: Electrical heating bar
3. Temperature Control Range: Ambient Temp to 150°C
3. Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C
4. Viscosity Range: 2 mPa·s (cP) to 7 mPa·s (cP)
5. Pressure Oxygen Source: Oxygen, Co2
6. Test pressure: variable from 72 psi to 507 psi ( 0.5~3.5MPa)
7. Capillary Tube Dimension: φ0.15*16mm
8. Rated Voltage: AC 220V ±10% 50HZ
9. Rated Power: 700W