Petroleum Products Base Number

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KRF-600M Automatic  Base Number (TBN) has Designed According to ASTM Standard Test Method for Measuring Base number in petroleum Products such as lubricating oil .

Feature & Specification

Petroleum Products Base Number Measurement

Korea Tech Automatic TBN /TAN Analyzer is used for determination of  Total Base Number (TBN)

1. Unique built-in dosing unit to avoid the harmless chemical leak.
2. Can do multiple kinds of titration, Acid-base or aqueous titration, Redox titration, Complex metric titration or EDTA titration, Blank titration, Silver Assay titrations, Non-aqueous titration, Argentometric or Precipitation titration, Back titration
3. Multiple self-checking function to avoid miss-operating
4. Flexible application edit functions, operator can store the dedicated titration mode to the test and adopt this mode next time by one click
5. RS232/USB port, with networked CAN but communication functions.
6. Very easy to use – intuitive keypad and function guide display
7. Connects to external pc keyboard for easy text and sample information data entry
8. Connects to different types printers, pc and balances
9. Data Logger – automatic data storage of last 55 analysis results
10. Hamilton electrode ,model number: 238060 FLUSHTRODE made in Swiss


1. MV Measuring range: -2000.0MV~+2000.0MV
2. Temperature measuring: -5 ~120 C
3. PH measuring range: -20.000PH~+20.000PH
4. MV Test: Resolution 0.1mV, accuracy 0.1mV
5. PH resolution: 0.001PH, Accuracy: ±0.003PH
6. Temperature Measuring Precision: ±0.1℃
7. Operation: PC controlled
8. Burette rehydration time: 16s (100% filling rate)
9. Sampler: standard equipped with single titration platform
10. Stirring way: magnetic stirrer
11. Burette resolution: 1/1500000