Existent Gum Tester

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Existent Gum Tester is specially used to determine Gum content in aviation gasoline and motor gasoline. It is suitable for the gum test of aviation gasoline and motor gasoline according to ASTM D381 test method .

Feature & Specification

Existent Gum Tester

1. The metal bath heating system is adopted, the heating speed is fast, and the temperature of the bath body is uniform.

2. It is designed with 5 independent test holes, which can test 5 samples at the same time, and can also test 1 to 4 samples. It has high test efficiency, is convenient and flexible to use, and can meet the test requirements of different users .

3. High-quality air compressors are selected, and the air supply is stable, which meets the requirements of GB/T 8019 standards.

4. Each test hole is equipped with an independent flow meter, which can independently adjust the hot air flow of each test hole, and the hot air flow control is accurate and reliable.

Specification3. Type and size of evaporation bath: aluminum bath φ260㎜×130mm (diameter×height);
1. Number of test holes : 5 pieces;
2. Test hole size: φ51㎜×70mm (inner diameter×depth);
3. Working temperature: (160~165)℃;
4. Temperature control method: automatic temperature control;
5. Temperature display:Digital display;
6. Flow display: displayed by a float-type air flow meter;
7. Working pressure of the air pressure reducing valve: 0.07MPa;
8. Air flow rate at the outlet of the nozzle: (600±90)mL/ s;

9. Working power supply: AC (220±10%) V 50Hz;
10. Power consumption of the whole machine: ≤3500W;