Gas Chromatograph ( GC )

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KoreaTech Gas chromatography (GC) is a common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that can be vaporized without decomposition.


Feature & Specification

Gas Chromatograph ( GC )

1. Large screen intelligent control interaction
2. High sensitivity, high-resolution screen
3. Larger display and operation area for better human -computer interaction experience
4. Equipped with physical buttons for start, stop, and pre run

5. Effectively manage and maintain the number of uses, and replacement time of component consumables

6. During the unanalyzed period, the carrier gas saving mode can be adopted to save laboratory costs

Dual channel synchronous/asynchronous mode, sequential calling


• Unique channel design with free configuration selection, capable of achieving up to three channels
• Equipped with multi-channel synchronous and asynchronous sampling modes Configure gas chromatography with dual automatic samplers and dual detectors as front and rear dual channels
Simultaneous injection of samples through front and rear channels to achieve simultaneous analysis of two samples and the production of analysis reports Asynchronous injection af front and rear channels (non programmed heating), independent operation of front and rear channels, flexible injection

High speed cooling of column oven

• Column oven variable frequency fan motor
• Multiple cooling modes available

Fourth generation EPC

• Pressure control accuracy of 0.001 psi, ensuring excellent repeatability and stability of the instrument
• Equipped with multiple modes including constant flow, constant pressure, constant linear velocity, program flow, program pressure, program linear velocity, and pulse injection
• Equipped with environmental pressure and temperature compensation

Multiple detector options

• Up to three detectors can be installed simultaneously