CCS-Cold Crank Simulator

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This instrument is designed and made as ASTM D5293 standard test method for determination of apparent viscosity of engine oils and base stocks by cold cranking simulator at temperatures ( –5 and –35°C).

Feature & Specification

1. Imported compressor cascading cooling, it will reach the stator required temperature within 60s.
2. Windows system to save mass data, print is available
3. Touch screen operation, test and calibrate the current by one button, easy and fast.
4. The apparatus is equipped with negative pressure cleaning device, within 60s finishing the cleaning ,easy and fast
5. Easy calibration, autosave the constant cleaning,
easy and fast


1. Temperature control : Room temp to -50°C
2. Temperature Precision : ±1°C
3. Controller : Touch Screen
4. Chiller : Digital – Dual compressor
5. Viscosity measuring range: 1500~27000mPa.s
6. Standard Test Method : ASTM D5293
7. Cooling System Power : 2200W
8. Main Unit Power : 600W
9. Related Voltage : 220V 50/60Hz