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Korea Tech Combustion TOC Analyzer is designed to determinate the Total Organic Carbon , Which directly shows the organic content, is regarded as a key factor to evaluate pollution potentials of organic compound in water.

Feature & Specification

TOC Analyzer ( Total Organic Carbon Analyzer ) for Water and Waste Water

1. Adopt the principle of high temperature + non-dispersed infrared absorption. The whole machine can determine total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), un-purging organic carbon (NPOC), organic carbon (POC) in leaching liquid and liquid samples.
2. Adopt eight-way valve channel rotating valve to realize the automatic realization of acid, sample, purging and waste discharge; and realize quantitative input of samples appearance.
3. With powerful workstation software, the upper computer software control meets the computerized system verification, and meets the data integrity requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 on electronic data, password permission, data audit and tracking functions.
4. The interference of halide and bicarbonate can be excluded.
5. It can be tested online with the automatic sampling device to realize intelligence and automation and improve work efficiency.
6. The test range is wide, which meets the test requirements of low, medium and high range.
7. The calibration is convenient and flexible, and the single-point calibration is compatible with the multi-point calibration.


1. Detection range: (0 – 30000.0) mg / L (in dilution state)
2. Resolution: 0.001mg / L
3. Repeatability error : 3%
4. Test time: 3min
5. Test items: TC / IC / TOC / NPOC
6. Detection method: Non-dispersive infrared absorption (NDIR)
7. TC value of error: ± 0.1%F. S or ± 5% (for larger)
8. IC value error: ± 0.1%F. S or ± 4% (for larger)
9. linear: R2 99.9%
10. Sample intake: (0.1-1) mL
11. furnace temperature: 1000℃ (limit temperature 1200℃)