ABBE Refractometer ASTM D1218

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ABBE Refractometer is According to ASTM D1218 Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids. this test method covers the measurement of refractive index and Brix.

Feature & Specification

Abbe Refractometer for Measuring Refractive Index (nD) & Brix

1. Measuring prism is made of high hardness sapphire glass, of excellent properties against corrosion and scratches, free for clean and durable .

2. It is equipped to Digital External Thermometer for control Temperature of prism and sample.

3. It can connect to Circulation bath for determination of Brix in different temperature.

4. It is Easy to use and user could determine Brix and Refractive Index easily.




1. Refractive index range (nD) : 1.3000-1.7000
2. Measured value error (nD): ±0.0002
3. Scope of sugar solution mass fraction (Brix) : 0-95%
4. Sugar concentration(%) minimum (Brix) : ±0.25%
5. Temperature control mode: Optional Circulation Bath
6. Scope of temperature display : 0-50℃