Vacuum Distillation Device

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Vacuum Distillation Device is designed and made as ASTM D1160 standard test method for distillation of petroleum products such as lubricating oil at reduced pressure.

Feature & Specification

Vacuum Distillation Device

This test method covers the determination, at reduced pressures, of the range of boiling points for petroleum products and biodiesel that can be partially or completely vaporized at a maximum liquid temperature of 400°C. Both a manual method and an automatic method are specified. In cases of dispute, the referee test method is the manual test method at a mutually agreed upon pressure.

1. It is equipped to digital temperature control with high precision sensor and high accuracy.

2. It is equipped to low temperature compressor for supply until – 40 C with high accuracy control.

3. high precision diaphragm Vacuum differential pressure gauge.

4. The pressure can control by regulator manually between 130pa to 6.7kpa .

5. It is equipped to transparent glass door . The test procedure are clear.

6. It is equipped to Independent heating furnace with digital controller.

7. It is equipped to external vacuum pump to reach of suitable vacuum.


1. Condenser Temperature Control : 80 C
2. Refrigeration Temperature: – 40 C
3. Refrigeration Method : Low Temp Compressor
4. Pressure Range : 130 Pa to 6/7 Kpa
5. Pressure Stability : 0.01 when pressure is lower than 1Kpa and 1% when Pressure is Higher than 1 Kpa
6. Pressure Controller : Regulate Knob
7. Temperature controller : LED
8. Protected Door : Transparent Glass
9. Furnace Cooling System : Circulated Fan
10. Power : 3KW
11. Rated Voltage : AC220V 50Hz