Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer

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KoreaTech Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator conforms to ASTM E203 Standard Test Method for Water Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration from 100 ppm to 100%.


Feature & Specification

Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer KRFVUK203

  1.    LCD display screen.
  2. Support KF Titration Mode and Titer Detection Mode.
  3. Features of auto-filling, auto-purging and auto-mixing of the reagents ensure safe handling of Karl Fischer chemicals.
  4. Selectable units including mg, mg/L, %, ppm, etc.
  5. Settable parameters, including measurement unit, polarization current, stirring rate, titration rate, stop volume, endpoint potential, stop criterion and etc.
  6. Store up to 200 titration data sets (GLP-compliant).
  7. Data can be easily transferred to printer via RS-232 communication interface.
  8. Reset feature automatically resumes all settings back to factory default options.


  1. Range: 0.1mg~250mg, 0.1mg
  2. Test range: 100ppm~100%
  3. Polarization Current Accuracy: 1μA±0.2μA, 50μA±10μA
  4. Repeatability: ±0.5%
  5. Power supply: AC adapter, 100~240V AC input, DC24V output