Automatic Flame Photometer

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KRFAFP85 is Automatic  Flame Photometer for measuring Sodium ,Potassium , Calcium ,Lithium ,Barium in liquid products According to International Standard Test Method.

Feature & Specification

Automatic Flame Photometer

  1. With K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba five filters, which can detect three kinds of elements, show three kinds of elements content
  2. LCD display, touch panel with numeric
  3. With auto correlation coefficient calculating
  4. With pre-select function for flame
  5. A flameout protection
  6. With single point calibration
  7. Calibration curve can be
  8. With RS232 interface, can connect with external
  9. With a mist
  10. Easy adjustable Relief valve, direct view of pressure


Detector:  photocells
Beam splitter:  interference filters
Stability:  User keep sampling with standard solution. The maximum relative variation displayed in the instrument is not greater than 3% in 15s, with 1 measurement every minute, and the total measurement is 6. All the variations displayed in the instrument should be not greater than 15%.
Repeatability:  Conduct 7 consecutive independent test for one standard solution, the relative standard deviation is ≤3%.
Linear Error:        K: ≤005mmol/L;      Na: ≤0.03mmol/L;     Li: ≤0.02mmol/L;       Ca: ≤0.07mmol/L;    Ba: ≤0.07mmol/L;
Detection limit:    K: ≤0.004mmol/L;      Na: ≤0.008mmol/L;     Li: ≤0.015mmol/L;   Ca: ≤0.050mmol/L;       Ba: ≤0.058mmol/L;
Measuring range:  K: 0~3mmol/L;     Na: 0~5mmol/L;    Li: 0~15mmol/L;   Ca: 0~25mmol/L;     Ba: 0~22mmol/L.
Suction jet of samples: <6mL/min;
Response time: <8s;