Petroleum Sulfur Content Device

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This test method covers the determination of sulfur content in  petroleum products according to ASTM  . These materials can include diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, other distillate oil and etc.

Feature & Specification

Sulfur Content Device

1. The Instrument is equipped with a large LCD for display; a man-machine conversation system; sound alarm for operation mistakes.

2. It has a self-diagnostic function, so it can determine its working state and electric parameters by making counting measurements and energy spectrum measurements using reference samples.

3. It can save large quantities of test data. You can browse test data and calibration curves at any time.

4. It can calibrate at 12 points for more accuracy than standard calibration samples.

5. The sample holder is installed on a slide rail, so it can move out and move in automatically. It can move out from the inside of the instrument for sample location and anti-leakage parts replacement.

6. There are 200 Mylar film (no waste – no static cling – no contamination) with cut square sheet and easy to use .

7. The user could set Security Password to don’t let another user change settings and calibrations .

8. Adopts fluorescence intensity ratio analysis methods, can make correction to temperature and pressure automatically and it can also make correction to ratio of carbon and hydrogen (C/H).

9. it is including 12 CRM (AccuStandard-USA Made ) that user can calibrate device for more accurate and reasonable repeatability.


1. Measuring Range : 7ppm to 50000ppm (5%)
2. Repeatability ®: <0.02894 (X+0.1691)
3. Reproducibility ®: <0.1215(X+0.5555)
4. Sample Quantity : 2.5 to 3.5 ml
5. Measuring Time : 60 – 120 – 180 – 240 – 300 – 600 sec
6. Measuring Repeat Time : 2 – 3 -5 -10 – 50 (selectable)
7. Working Curve : (7 – 1000) (1000 – 10000) and (10000 to 50000) ppm